One of the latest beauty trends that have become popular among women in Singapore is the eyelash perming. Lash perming is a semi-permanent beauty procedure wherein your natural lashes are curled that will last for the life of the eyelash. In brief, it gives the lashes a lasting curl all throughout the life of the eyelash. A single eyelash has a lifespan of up to 90 days or around 3 months. We gradually shed lashes and replenish them every 90 days, so it means the eyelash perming services in Singapore can be performed again and again.

Before eyelash perming
After eyelash perming

An eyelash perming service promises weeks of curled eyelashes, from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until your head hits the pillow at night. It gives your eyes a boost and can improve your self-confidence. However, there might be some questions that are lingering inside your head regarding the Singapore eyelash perming services.

So, here are some things you need to know about the eyelash perming beauty trend.

Why would anyone get an eyelash perming?

Upturned lashes look longer and curlier than very straight ones. If you have boring, straight lashes, this procedure is a good solution to bring life to your eyes. It puts a kink at the lash line of your fringe, giving you fuller, longer-looking eyelashes and creating an illusion of wide-eyed doe look. Imagine the hassle of using an eyelash curler and brushing mascara every single day just to get that volumised and curlier eyelash effect. Aside from the fact that it is time-consuming, it is not friendly on the budget. High-quality mascara is a bit expensive, whereas if you get a lash perming, you’ll pay for the service that will last for months.

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How do eyelash perming works?

Your lash specialist will coat your eyelashes with a special adhesive and wrap them around mini foam rollers or small heated clips. The rollers or clips will hold your lashes in the curled position that you want to achieve. A perming solution or cream will be applied to the lashes using a tiny brush, while you shut your eyes tightly. After around five minutes, the perming solution should have taken full effect and the specialist will apply a neutralising solution. You wait for a few more minutes and then viola! You have curled lashes in a single visit that usually takes about 30 - 45 minutes.

How often should you get perms?

A lash perming can be performed about every 2 months. Your eyelash specialist will likely encourage you to visit again after 2 months to keep your lashes always looking beautiful. At 2 months, you may notice that your lashes are starting to lose the curls. So if you want to retain the curls of your lashes, you should visit your eyelash parlour not later than 2 months. If you wait longer, your eyelashes will have completely replenished with new lashes and they look straight again.

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Is eyelash perming safe?

Eyelash perming is a safe procedure. However, there are considerations to take into account when planning to get this service. It is of substantial importance to look for a licensed and reputable eyelash perming parlour. Many salons offer eyelash perming service at a cheap price. Don’t be tempted as it might put your lashes at risk. Cheap prices are usually associated with cheap service. These salons might use unsafe perming solutions that can irritate your skin or eyes and may cause eyelash fall. So always double check the reputation of the eye lash perming salon.