Trends and fashions change frequently, and with semi-permanent and long lasting makeup becoming more popular, people are ditching their mascara wands and their painstakingly glued on fake lashes for eyelash extensions.

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Eyelash extensions are usually used to add volume, length and thickness to existing eyelashes. This is done by gluing individual strands of fake lashes to existing lashes, and can be quite a lengthy and elaborate process. These extensions are designed to bond to a person’s natural lashes, and the finished product is natural looking, flutter worthy lashes that don’t need that extra coat of mascara.

Eyelash extensions are not a new trend, although they have risen in popularity in recent years. Especially as more people try to go for the effortless look, and as people try to spend less time on makeup.

While many salons offer eyelash extensions in Singapore, it’s important to note that the area around the eye is extremely sensitive, and there have been horror stories about infections, eyelids glued shut, and the eyelash extensions collecting dust due to bad eyelash jobs. While these can be treated, any prolonged issue could lead to very dangerous and permanent consequences.

As such, picking a reputable salon, even if it means forking out a little more, can help reduce your chances of a botched eyelash extension job.

Salons offering eyelash extensions in Singapore are usually certified and trustworthy, however, many people offer these jobs on the side, and do them at home for their customers. These jobs are usually illegitimate and cheaper, but they often end up part of an eyelash horror story.

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As such, follow these tips while picking a beauty salon before getting  your extensions done.

1. Pick a reputable salon

This is an easy, but often ignored step. Check online for reviews, read up on the procedure, contact them to ask questions. Any reputable salon will be glad to answer any questions about the procedure, these salons also usually feature experienced aestheticians that are well trained.

This step might seem unnecessary, but you can never be too careful when it involves the area around your eye.

2. Make sure you trust your aesthetician

You’ll be putting your eyelashes into your aesthetician’s hands. So make sure you trust them, especially when you first meet them. Good aestheticians know what they’re doing, and are confident of their abilities. They should also be able to brief you on the procedure properly. If you aesthetician seems nervous or jumpy, or if they don’t seem to be confident in their abilities, it’s always wise to get your eyelash extensions somewhere else. Unless, of course, you’re willing to take the risk.

3. Don’t just pick your salon by price

Everyone loves a good deal, but how good is good? Reputable salons usually use quality extensions and glues, and with trained aestheticians, usually have to charge their customers a slightly higher price due to a higher base cost.

So if you find a super cheap eyelash extension deal, probability is that they use lower quality extensions and materials, which in turn bring down their price, and which are something you definitely should avoid.