Thick eyelashes have always been a must have for any beauty addict! And as the years come and go, different eyelash techniques have emerged. From mascara to fake eyelashes, people have always gone to great lengths to make their eyelashes flutter worthy, however, commonly used techniques usually don’t last for long, and take a lot of effort on the individual’s part.

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However, with eyelash extensions, you’ll never have to worry about applying individual lashes, or mascara by yourself ever again! These lashes are carefully glued onto your natural lashes, so they look and feel natural! They also last for an extended period of time, saving you the time you would have spent on doing it yourself! Getting a good eyelash extension can be tricky though, as there are a whole lot of factors to consider!


Before eyelash extension


After eyelash extension

If you’re looking to get the best eyelash extension in Singapore, it’s important to pick a good salon for these reasons:

1.Your eye is sensitive!

The area around your eye, and your eye itself, are extremely sensitive. Which means that any bad application or any irritating solutions can cause a very bad reaction that can include rashes, swelling and other similar symptoms. If you’re looking to get the best eyelash extensions in Singapore, these are definitely unwanted symptoms as they would mean that you’ll need to remove your expensive extensions to stop the reaction!


Uppper and lower lash


After eyelash extension for upper and lower lash

2.Eyelash extensions are a very delicate procedure

Gluing fake lashes to your existing ones is not an easy job, and your delicate lashes make it harder as they can easily be glued on wrongly. A bad eyelash extension job can look fake, and can cause serious damage to your natural lashes!

As such, if you want the best eyelash extensions, picking an experienced and capable aesthetician is an important step before you actually get your extensions done.

The difference between before and after eyelash extension
Eyelash extension result

3.Even eyelash extensions that look okay can cause trouble down the road

That’s right! There are horror stories of dust and dirt getting caught in badly glued lashes over the months, and even more about salons accidentally damaging someone’s natural lashes while removing previous eyelash extensions because they weren’t glued properly! Given the delicacy of the eye and the surrounding areas, these could cause potentially serious problems such as eye infections and scratching of the cornea! That’s people always tell you to look for only the best eyelash extension salons in Singapore when it comes to such delicate jobs!

4.You want it to last!

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent makeup options, and the longer they last the better! But without a good aesthetician, they tend to fall off after a short period of time. As such, always opt for the best eyelash extension salon that you can find, as it’ll ensure that you get your money’s worth, and that your eyelashes retain that full, flutter-worthy look for as long as possible! It’ll also reduce the risks of any associated eye irritations, and other potential problems in the future!